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Gehr Power Systems 12/5 Convention Center Feeder Cables

12/5 Convention Center Feeder Cables

Our Convention Center Feeder Cable is designed to deliver temporary power to stringers, doghouses and quad boxes from the main power panel during tradeshows and events. This is the industry’s only feeder cable with heavy duty molded on L21-20 twist lock plugs and connectors, making it ideal to handle the rigors encountered at convention centers, exhibit halls, and audio-visual applications. 

  • Our heavy duty molded male and female 20A 120/208V (NEMA L21-20) twist-lock plugs and connectors will not pull away from the cord body like mechanically applied ends do 
  • These molded ends have no parts that will come loose and is moisture resistant 
  • These heavy duty molded ends will not crush when ran over by forklifts and when pinched or pinned by pallets 
  • Our feeder cables will outlast any cables with mechanically applied ends by 5 to 1 
  • Extra hard service insulation and jacketing stand up to the rigors of tradeshows and audio visual presentations. 
  • All copper is soft drawn & annealed for maximum flexibility under full load 
  • Available Cable Configurations:
    • Our 12/5 Flat Festoon Feeder Cable has a low profile that minimizes trip hazards and makes it ideal for use under walls and returns
    • Our standard 12/5 STW Extra Hard Usage Round Feeder Cable resists cuts and abrasions and will provide years of heavy duty use