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GPS 30’ 12/5 & 10/5 STW (600V) Molded Quad Box Stringers

30' 12/5 & 10/5 STW (600V) Molded Quad Box Stringers

Our Booth Stringers with Molded Quad Boxes and Connectors are a cost-effective alternative to the standard
booth stringers available in the market today. These stringers distribute three (3) 20A-125 Volt (NEMA 5-20R)
boxes along the back wall of standard 10’ by 10’ exhibition booths for a total of 12 outlets. One stringer
provides power for up to a maximum of six back-to-back tradeshow booths. Our molded on quad boxes are
virtually indestructible and crush-proof. Just like our molded connectors, these molded boxes will not pull
away from the cord body.


  • An industry first, our stringer cords are the only ones made with molded on quad boxes and molded on
    plugs and connectors
  • Our heavy duty molded male and female (NEMA L21-20) 20A 120/208V or (NEMA L21-30) 30A
    120/208V twist-lock plugs and connectors will not pull away from the cord body like mechanically
    applied ends
  • These stringers have three ultra low profile molded quad boxes that prevent the cable from pulling off
  • These boxes are solid molded PVC, making it resistant to impact damage and crushing when subjected
    to harsh treatments at rough tradeshow environments
    Our Extra Heavy Duty 12/5 and 10/5 STW 600V Cable resists cuts and abrasions and will provide years
    of heavy duty use
  • Our Stringer Boxes are spaced every ten feet between each molded quad box
  • Each stringer box is phase colored with four (4) 20-amp outlets (NEMA 5-20R)
  • Phase color coded quad boxes are Red, Blue and Black, making it easy for electricians to detect which
    breaker has been tripped
  • An all black stringer with black boxes is available for the Audio-Visual Industry

Black box diagram