temporary power systems for temporary solutions - Gehr Power Systems
  • Real in-the-booth Power Management & Safety System.
  • Power usage controlled by RFID technology.
  • No order! No Power! No Problem!
  • Accurately limits exhibitor’s usage to their power order.
  • Built-in outlet diagnostic firmware ensures power quality.
  • Detection & protection from “open neutrals”.
  • Detection & protection from excessive & insufficient voltages.
  • Protects facility & exhibitor equipment from fire hazard.
  • Eliminates power sharing, power theft & overloads.
  • Exhibitor overusage will no longer affect neighboring booths.
  • Eliminates the need for contentious electrical booth audits.
  • Virtually eliminates exhibitor trouble calls.
  • Ensures total exhibitor accountability and service satisfaction.
GPS Safeplug System